Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Stuff that annoys me

So, I'm hooked on Lost. Awesome character development, all kinds of crazy subplots, every character getting a turn as the main at different times, cool sci-fi stuff, everything I like about TV all rolled into one package. 7 episodes into Season 3 and, after this week, a FRAKKIN' HIATUS until January?

Doesn't anyone learn? This move almost killed 24 dead in Season 2 and 3, a huge break in the middle. This better not be the end for Lost. I get annoyed at how the networks, still deluded into thinking they have power in an increasingly fragmented TV market, figure that with all the choices out there, people will come happily back when their favourite shows are cut off for extended periods of time. I am seriously considering waiting for the DVDs to come out, and watch it then. Let the ratings die and have the show resurrected somewhere like Space, where they'll care enough to be consistent in showing it.

More later.