Friday, April 07, 2006

The Latest News Around The Dial

Well, THAT was a shocking end to 24. How they tie all of this to PRESIDENT LOGAN? I don't know where we go from here.

BIG surprise on American Idol this week, as Mandisa is tossed. So the final 8 are Taylor, Elliott, Kathy, Kellie, Paris, Chris, Ace and freakin' BUCKY. I had Bucky, Kellie and Lisa going and I've only gotten Lisa right. This week, they're doing Queen songs and I can only hope that Brian May, Brian Duncan and Roger Taylor are on hand to play.

Episode 4 of Sopranos was one of my personal favourites. I really like how they're building up to a showdown between Paulie and Tony as we should get to see Paulie in full meltdown soon. Looks like we might also get to see the spiritual conversion of Tony, as well, although the pastor character is a total caricature and drawn exactly the way the secular world views them. That will be an annoyance to me, but I'll live with it. Great guest shot this week by Hal Holbrook, who could sound interesting reading the phone book.