Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Deal or no Deal and other goodies

What a simple concept. 26 cases holding different amounts of money. A contestant chooses one and starts opening others. As each non-selected amount is revealed, a "banker" makes offers to the contestant to "buy" their case, in the hopes of buying it back at a discount.

Great TV. Best game show since "Millionaire" first appeared. If you want to play a free online version of the game, go here. It's really addictive.

In other news, 24 brought the goods AGAIN this week, as Tony is officially killed off, martial law is imposed in L.A. (right, like THAT would ever stick), the Palmer family reintroduces themselves to the party, Homeland Security sticks their noses where they are not welcome, Jack Bauer invents the greatest flash memory (and I mean "flash") card EVER and one of the greatest, most unexpected twists I've ever come across at the end of the episode. 10 hours to go. Allow me to go out on a limb and say I will be lining up at the store the day the Season 5 box is released. This season will ROCK in extended, commercial-free cycles.

Speaking of commercial-free, I bought a DVD recorder at Future Shop about a month ago. An 80GB hard drive allows recording of 107 hours of TV (at the lowest resolution). Simple recording, with a searchable TV Guide that it downloads through the cable line from my provider. One touch of a button allows you to skip part of the recording (up to 5 minutes), so see ya commercials. Bye-bye blank cassettes, dirty recording heads and fast-forward scan. I am a VERY satisfied TV viewer now.

That's all for now. I got my hands on "A History of Violence" and "Good Night and Good Luck", so I'll be watching those over the week and will put up opinion later.