Friday, December 02, 2005

Box Office - Weekend of Nov. 25-27

Well, no major surprises here:

1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - $54.8 million
2. Walk The Line - $19.2 million
3. Yours, Mine and Ours - $17.5 million
4. Chicken Little - $12.6 million
5. Rent - $10.0 million
6. Just Friends - $9.2 million
7. Pride and Prejudice - $7.2 million
8. Derailed - $6.5 million
9. In The Mix - $4.4 million
10. The Ice Harvest - $3.7 million

This was the best U.S. Thanksgiving weekend since 2000 and a 3% improvement over last year. Still, that was more due to the success of films still in theaters as opposed to the week's new releases. Only Yours, Mine and Ours had what could be called a decent opening, as Rent, Just Friends, In The Mix and The Ice Harvest all underperformed. Harry Potter sailed past the $200 million mark and, as of Wednesday, had passed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for #4 on the 2005 list of highest-grossing films. It will surpass Wedding Crashers this weekend and, if the weekend haul exceeds $28 million, it could pass War of the Worlds to move into the #2 spot behind Revenge of the Sith. That will about do it though, as I don't think it will break $300 million, much less approach Sith's $380 million take. Interestingly, Goblet of Fire, despite having the biggest opening weekend of the four Potter films, may not be the highest grossing. Sorceror's Stone (the first) took in just over $317 million, Chamber of Secrets took in $262 million and Prisoner of Azkaban came just short of $250 million. I think Goblet of Fire will get to 2nd, but will not catch Sorceror's Stone, as Kong is coming and Harry will become a distant memory in two more weeks. A challenge to Potter's supremacy will come this weekend with the arrival of Aeon Flux, touted as the next Matrix.

Some pretty surprising numbers in here, too. Both Walk The Line and Chicken Little held their audiences well, each dipping less than 15% from last week. It appears that Walk The Line will surpass Ray as the top-grossing musical biography and Chicken Little could well reach $150 million before its run ends, with only Hoodwinked on the horizon to challenge it for kiddie films. It also looks like only Yours, Mine and Ours is the only release this week with a chance to break even. Pride and Prejudice looks like it has legs, though. Going wide over Thanksgiving (from 221 screens to 1,299), its $7.2 million weekend was a $5,510 average per screen, third highest in the top 10 behind Goblet and Walk The Line.

This is also the time of year where studios get films out in highly limited release to allow them to qualify for Oscar voting. This week saw George Clooney's mid-east oil thriller Syriana released to 5 screens in New York and L.A. and people came out in droves, as Syriana averaged a whopping $74,900 per screen. That's over five times Harry Potter's per screen average on 3,853 fewer screens. Also opening on two screens, Johnny Depp's new period drama The Libertine pulled in $13,400 per screen.

Opening this weekend (along with Aeon Flux)....not much other than Desperate Housewives' Felicity Huffman's turn as a transsexual in Transamerica, which is an Oscar opening (2 screens in N.Y. and L.A.). Only Aeon Flux opens wide this week and it better do well, cause the competition gets stiff the following weekend as Narnia bows and Kong arrives in 2 weeks.

Until next time........