Monday, September 26, 2005

Box Office, September 23 - 25

Numbers courtesy of Box Office Mojo.

1. Flightplan $24.6 million
2. Corpse Bride $20.1 million
3. Just Like Heaven $9.8 million
4. Roll Bounce $8 million
5. Exorcism of Emily Rose $7.5 million
6. Lord of War $4.9 million
7. 40-Year Old Virgin $4.3 million
8. Constant Gardener $2.2 million
9. Transporter 2 $2.2 million
10. Cry Wolf $2.1 million

Huge weekend, as this week is a 51% improvement over the same weekend last year. Some big dropoffs (Emily Rose down 49.5%, Lord of War down 47.8%, Transporter 2 down 46.4%). 40-Year Old Virgin should break through the $100 million mark this week, the 13th film this year to accomplish it. As expected, Wedding Crashers passed Batman Begins to become the third highest grossing film of 2005 and 58th all time. Lord of War looks like it's going to top out around $25 million, which means it will need huge DVD sales/overseas business to break even. Same story for Brothers Grimm (cost $88 million to make, thus far has earned $37 million). Finally, Roman Polanski's Oliver Twist opened in 5 theatres and grossed $69,000, an impressive $13,800 per screen average.

Opening wide this week (links courtesy of IMDb:

Golf drama The Greatest Game Ever Played.
Treasure Hunting/Drug Drama/Action Film/Undersea Adventure/Jessica Alba vehicle Into The Blue.
Sci-fi flick Serenity. My bud Austin will be at every showing this weekend in Hamilton.
Also, Oliver Twist and A History of Violence open wide this weekend.

That's all, folks.