Monday, September 19, 2005

Weekend Box Office and other stuff

Collected around the web. First, from Canoe, a list of big winners from the Emmys:

Drama Series - Lost
Drama Actor - James Spader, Boston Legal (BOO!)
Drama Actress - Patricia Arquette, Medium
Drama Supporting Actor - William Shatner, Boston Legal
Drama Supporting Actress - Blythe Danner, Huff
Comedy Series - Everybody Loves Raymond
Comedy Actor - Tony Shalhoub, Monk (YAY!)
Comedy Actress - Felicity Huffman, Desperate Housewives
Comedy Supporting Actor - Brad Garrett, Everybody Loves Raymond
Comedy Supporting Actress - Doris Roberts, Everybody Loves Raymond

Generally, I agree with these. Raymond was going to get the big sendoff with a truckload of Emmys and, if a Desperate Housewife had to win, Felicity Huffman is the one I choose since she's the only one I've ever seen in a show I liked (the criminally underrated Sports Night. Great to see Tony Shalhoub get recognition for his remarkably funny and complex Monk, but who did David Kelley pay off to get two awards for Boston Legal? And, more importantly, how in the world did James freakin' Spader beat both Kiefer Sutherland and House's Hugh Laurie? Well, there's always next year.

Next, the box office numbers courtesy of Box Office Mojo:

Just Like Heaven $16.5 million
Exorcism of Emily Rose $15.3 million
Lord of War $9.2 million
40-Year Old Virgin $5.8 million
Cry Wolf $4.5 million
Transporter 2 $4 million
Constant Gardener $3.7 million
Red Eye $2.9 million
March of the Penguins $2.5 million
Wedding Crashers $2.5 million

Another successful weekend, as box office revenues are up 13% compared with the same weekend last year.

Reese Witherspoon proves again that she can open romantic comedies with a big splash, but it's nowhere near her best (Sweet Home Alabama rang up $35 million for the best September opening weekend ever). Nicolas Cage disappoints as Lord of War fails to break $10 million. 40-Year Old Virgin breaks through $90 million and should become the 13th film of 2005 to break $100 million. Wedding Crashers breaks through $200 million and should pass Batman Begins for 3rd place among 2005 top grossers. As expected, Emily Rose dropped 49.1% from last weekend, but at $52 million over two weeks, it could reach $100 million.

Opening wide this week (Links courtesy of IMDb): Jodie Foster's lost child on a plane thriller Flight Plan and Roll Bounce, a comedy about kids growing up in the 1970's and hanging out in the roller rink. Expanding from limited release to wide release is Tim Burton's latest animated flight-of-fancy Corpse Bride.

Latest news from TV Shows on DVD:

The great early-90s sitcom, Wings, as well as The Love Boat and Melrose Place, is expected to arrive in 2006.

Season 2 of Miami Vice is scheduled to street on November 22. Information on the contents can be found here and here.

Season 1 of the classic Rockford Files is coming out December 6. Get your fix of cover art, release info and a promised interview with star James Garner here.

Finally, The Digital Bits informs that the Terry Gilliam-directed The Brothers Grimm, starring Heath Ledger and Matt Damon, will arrive December 20. Also, on Boxing Day (December 26), Pixar sends the Special Edition of Toy Story 2 into stores. Info on TS2 can be found here. Also, if you want the most comprehensive list of upcoming DVD releases, including cover art and direct shopping links to, check out the Bits' Upcoming DVD art section right here.

Finally, I have to tell you all that I started reading the Harry Potter books about a month ago. I am blowing through these things at a rate of about one a week and they are absolutely GREAT. Prisoner of Azkaban may well be one of the twistiest tales I have ever read.

Finally finally, I watched Austin's favourite TV show ever, Firefly. A couple of great episodes, especially the one where Wash and Mal are captured by Niska and the final epsiode, with a terrific performance by Richard Brooks as the slightly mental bounty hunter Jubal Early. Suffice to say I liked it enough to make seeing Serenity a priority, just because I hope they close off some of the loose ends left by the abrupt killing of the series by Fox. Maybe Space or some other specialty station will pick the show up and allow them to continue on.

That's it.