Tuesday, August 30, 2005


So, here we are. I have often felt myself to be a bit of a repressed reviewer. For those reading that do not know me, I am a true child of the media age. In a year, I will listen to over 100 CD's, watch about that many movies, actively follow about 5 or 6 TV shows and watch a few more on DVD, and read about 20 books and numerous magazines and newspapers. I think I want to start sharing my reading/listening/watching experiences through the act of writing reviews. This will also serve as a form of release for me, a place where I can vent a bit about things that I think are right/wrong in the modern media, specifically how I think that we are losing our opportunity as viewers/readers/listeners to exercise our imagination or to be captured emotionally/intellectually by the product being created today.

Anyways, please come visit regularly. I hope to publish frequently and to offer ideas and insight to modern media that will be, first, interesting to read and, second, lead to intelligent discussion.