Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Geez, I should be in bed

But I have gotta post about the opening 4 hours of Season 5 of 24. Great, great start to the season. Two "Holy Crap" moments right out of the gate, with the deaths of ex-President Palmer and Michelle Dessler-Almeida. Tony's still hanging in, so I'm sure we'll see him get a little revenge mojo going later this season. Lots of slam-bang action and palace intrigue and a re-energized Kiefer (who I still think was a little off last season). Sean Astin's pretty cool as the new boss of CTU and Chloe wins the award for coolest chick with a gun. Too many great moments to count, and I have no idea where we go for the next 20 hours, but I'm on the train until the end.

Two other asides. American Idol kicked off tonight and I'm diggin' it. They've added footage of the judges talking after the contestants leave, which is pretty funny. Can't wait to see how Talkin' to Animals Dave does in the group sing in Round 2.

Lastly, watched the premiere of Love Monkey tonight. I'm a big Tom Cavanaugh mark, and the show made me laugh in a few spots, but the whole karmic good-will ending was a bit much. I'll keep watching, but this looks a lot like a show that will run out of original ideas long before May.