Sunday, May 20, 2007

6 months betwen posts

Not so terrible, right?

OK, so lots of stuff happening on all entertainment fronts. For example:

TV Finales are happening everywhere. Let's recap the collection of favourite shows and where we are:

Battlestar Galactica: OK, this wrapped a couple of months ago, but I wanted to mention it. Great, great season. Complex and challenging storylines creating enormous conflict in characters. Every main character and many mid-line characters got a big story this year and it was capped off with a wild cliffhanger finale. According to some reports I've read, next year will be the end, with 22 episodes planned to wrap it all up. Season 3 will likely be out on DVD before Christmas and you better believe it's joining the collection.

Lost: The poor show was slagged in Season 3 for silly plot lines, pointless new characters and way too much focus on Jack, Sawyer, Kate and the others. The argument made sense right up until the break, which I griped about in an earlier post. Once the show came back, I think it found its groove, as the show returned to the original adversarial storyline, they paid off the John Locke and his dad subplot as well as closed the backstory on Sawyer. Jack's girlfriend, Juliet, provides an interesting angle (is she an Others spy or a double agent) and it looks like we're heading towards a final battle with the Others. Also, this is another show with a finite end, as the show will now wrap in 2008 after 32 more episodes. This is, apparently, in line with the plan of J.J. Abrams, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof (the shows creative forces) as they can now write out te ending and close off all the mysteries that have built the show thus far.

American Idol: I wouldn't have bought her album, but I was still disappointed to see Melinda voted out this week. This as been a weak season, but I think the producers are happy with a Jordin-Blake finale, as the two most marketable performers are left. I can also say with certainty I now have NO idea who will win.

24: Really down season, as they have recycled just about every major story arc from past years and I have totally lost interest. I missed an episode 3 weeks ago and it didn't even matter. I'll keep watching, but I sure hope for better things next year.

As far as the CSI's go, I've watched about half of CSI:NY, 4 or 5 episodes of Vegas and may 2 or 3 Miami's. I'll catch 'em on DVD.

I also tried out Shark, Studio 60 and Justice this year. Hated Shark, Justice was OK but got cancelled and I'll get the one season of S60 on DVD when it comes out.

Looking forward to the new Harry Potter book. That's all I'll say on that front.

Saw Spiderman 3 in IMAX this week. Personally, my favourite of the trilogy, which goes against every reviewer and fanboy on the planet, I think. Great, complex storyline with challenging, emotional subplots. Not to mention superb action sequences made all the more awesome by IMAX. I have now decided that ny action picture seen at the movies MUST be seen in IMAX. It's worth the extra $3.

Bought the latest Tim McGraw CD. Another great listen. I recommend not only it, but anything by Texas instrumetal group Explosions in the Sky.

OK. That's enough.

Seacrest OUT!